2022.4.30 (SAT)
Zettai-Mu "ORIGINS"


Live Streaming "Zettai-At-Ho-Mu" 白熱の配信ライブを初公開してくれた
THA BLUE HERBの 「O.N.O」 スペシャル・ライブ!
約束どおり 今度はリアル サウンド・システムで!
Z 再始動!O.N.O 復活祭!


× O.N.O a.k.a MachineLive (THA BLUE HERB)

KURANAKA a.k.a 1945
-30th Anniversary History Set- (Zettai-Mu)

MoneyJah (Fedup Dojo/Yellow Dragon Band)
Special !!

Yabugarashi by MON (DOPPEL / Bction)



INGA (the Lights) / DJ MO-RI (the Lights)
HARUKI / ランプ (sabato)
侑士 (westvillage)

and more !!


and YOU !!!

info tel: 06-6373-4919
ADDRESS: 大阪市北区中崎西3-3-8 JR京都線高架下
VENUE : http://noon-cafe.com
EVENT : http://www.zettai-mu.net/news/2204/30/

ADV. 1500yen (要予約)
DOOR. 2000yen
UNDER 23. 1500yen



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秋本 "HEAVY" 武士

2001年夏、Fuji Rock Festivalにおいて、当時、最強のリズムセクションの名を欲しいままにしたドラムとベースのコンビ《DRY&HEAVY》衝撃の解体宣言後 GOTH-TRAD と共に、前人未踏の世界最先端 DUB SOUND を引っさげ、世界にその名を轟かせる《REBEL FAMILIA》で活動する 日本が世界に誇るレゲエ・ベーシスト、秋本 "HEAVY" 武士。

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O.N.O a.k.a MachineLive

THA BLUE HERBの全トラックメイクを手掛け、独自のプロダクションで唯一無二のサウンドを創造するアーティスト。機材と肉体との有機的な合奏によるライヴパフォーマンス=O.N.O a.k.a. MachineLive、反復し変質し続ける音の連続体ミニマルテクノプロジェクト=onomonoという名義も持ち合わせ、現在までにTHA BLUE HERB、そしてソロ・プロジェクトを合わせて12枚のアルバムを発表。あらゆる音楽と現場を通過し選び抜かれたインスピレーションは、境界を突き崩し前進し続ける。

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KURANAKA a.k.a 1945

Born in Kyoto, Japan. He is a descendant of the temples of the one of the most famous Buddhist monk in Japan history, the initiator of the Buddhist incantation chanting, drumbeating, and dancing (origin of the Bon festival dance).
 He makes full use of his 11 faces and 1000 arms to continue to be the beacon of peace and revolution, from his underground performances in Japan. His riddim to be combined with his open minded instruments that build-up upon, the Super heavyweight bass that goes back and forth with the whole body, with dub effects that of a beast, letting the floor dance madly with joy.  He is a Dub. Jungle and Sound system music pioneer who has been the undisputed leader in the genres for about 30 years. He has performed at over 2000 gigs, and has organized more than 500 Dances until now. He has organized w famous and important Dance in Japan "Zettai-Mu" began in 1995 (Bay Side Jenny, Namura Shipbuilding, Noon, Liquidroom, Unit, Yellow, Eleven, AIR, Rockets, Motherhall, Quatro, Circus, Open Air and more) it will be 25th anniversary 2020!! and then "Outlook Festival Japan" (ageHa Studio Coast, Sound Museum Vision and more) also "Exodus Island " "A Taste Of Sonar (its first time in Asia Sonar Festival)" "International Dub Gathering Jahpan" as well. He performs about 100 gigs a year for more than 25 years, and tour pilgrimages more than 50 times including Japan, Asia, UK, Europe , British London, Spain "International Dub Gathering" "Outlook Festival" and then active in the Asian countries including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand etc in recent years. and also He did use Sound System for Bass music first time in japan.
 Kuranaka (a.k.a 1945) also has been hugely successful with festival appearances throughout Japan, such as the Fuji Rock Festival, Rainbow 2000, Asagiri jam, Metamorphose, Earth Dance, Saturn, Dommune, Nagisa, Mai Music Festival , Outlook Festival and Sonar Festival. such as art museums (Yokohama Art Museum , Kyoto Museum of Art , London ICA etc), the Valley and seaside, Club Hall of city, the Gap of Building and the top of Desk, and the Your Ears.
and then He declined the offer of contract from many major label of japan also world. chose this way staying normal.
 Kuranaka has also toured Japan with Dub Reggaes such as Lee perry, Jah shaka , Aba shanti-i , Mad professor , Zion Train , Adrian Sherwood , Dennis Bovell etc. then Drum and Bass / Jungles such as Roni size Reprazent, Congo Natty, Shy fx, Andy C and many. More then he play with Daftpunk , James Blake , Darren Emarson Underworld , Ash Ra Tempel , Atari Teenage Riot and many more in First visit japan show. he also Performed Flyng Lotus , Battles , The Orb , Smith&Mighty , Cold cut Ninja Tune etc. ofcouse he also with Japanese Acts such as Boredoms, Dj Krush , Audio Active , Tha Blue Herb , Dry&Heavy , Oki dub ainu , Goma , Goth-trad and many more.
 He perform live set with "Kazufumi Kodama" of Japanese reggae originator from Mute Beat. also Didgeridoo player "Goma" and then The controversial product "the Constitution of Japan" developed by a combination with "Shing02" for two International Art Festival (Yokohama Triennale, Kyoto Parasophia) It was created and released for one year.
 He also creates and plays music with Heavy (Dry&Heavy, Rebel Familia), Ao (Dry&heavy), Goma (didgeridoo), Coba (Accordion), NHK Koyxen, E-da(ex.Boredoms), Iccihie (ex.Determinations) , Tokona-x etc. He released (suchas) DJ Spooky , DJ Vadim also The Bug as the name of "MOU", which is the pioneer Future Beat Music "Electlic Lady Land" from the well-known German's "Mille PlateauxI" Moreover, as the name of "Kuranaka", he attended compilation of "Kyogen" with Calm, Shing02 and so on. Furthermore, as the name of "1945", he released featuring alongside ex-Dry&Heavy's bassist, "Akimoto Heavy Takeshi". also released Mixs called "TIGHT" from "Entotsu Recordings". He(and his Live CDs) amassed the sold out sales including all the titles. As a remixer, he sends deep world, dissembles and reconstructs masterpieces done by On-U Sound (UK) Audio Active , Rebel Familia, Churashima Navigator, Original Love, Jun-Gold (Tha Blue Herb Recordings) and so on. The strong beats with the message is down to earth and very sensitive but mighty sense of "Past", "Now", and "Future". We are fighting against the monsters of our own creation. Remember 1945, Peace one love Harmonic future !!
 Japanese written "クラナカ" also his name in long time ago. and then "The Kaoss Pad" used habitually all over the world is.. Delay, Reverbe, Siren.. It was developed by him. and the his model "Siren Machine" thats using Mala (Digital Mystikz) also The Bug etc.  The message carried out from his strong beat, reaches those of whom both legs are grounded to our earth, is delicate, yet, powerful.. the 21st century taiko drummer, waves his flag to peace and love for a harmonic future. Somewhere, now today.

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MoneyJah + Special

10代の頃に90sだった事もあり、HipHopに多大な影響を受ける。 その頃は、スケボーを通じてストリートワイズを学び、20歳そこらでゲームに参戦。 その後は色々ストラグルしながらも2004年にHipHopストアー"Fedup"を立ち上げる。 数年後にはスタジオ(通称"Dojo")を構え、CLCやSmoking-Pはじめ数々のラッパーに楽曲提供を加速させる。 また、レコーディングエンジニアとしても多くの作品に携わり、最近は若手育成に力を入れている。 2020年、自身も所属するYellowDragon Bandのアルバム(2曲提供)や、Jass ( from Tha Jointz)のアルバムをフルプロデュース。 また、8月にレコードにもなった、Kojoeの新作EP"23"のタイトル曲を担当するなど、コロナ禍でも果敢にリリースを重ねるHipHopベテラン。

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